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Wooden Crating with Bolting1 Boxes in Stock2 Case Inserts3 EPS Inserts4 FTC with foam5 Full Wood Inventory6 Packing Supplies7 Corrugated with Foam Cutouts8 Pallets9 Tray with Foam10 Crates & Crating11 Wooden Box with Saddles12 Covered Wood Crate13 DW Folder with Wood Ends14 Foam Corrugated Inserts15 Foam Lined Lumber Crate16 Foam Tool Holder17 Stock & Release Lumber Crates18

We excel in designing and fabricating industrial product protection to both commercial and military specifications.  We also manage stock and release programs for those that require just-in-time (JIT) delivery for their high value low volume products. 

We offer our customers quality wood, corrugated, foam and custom packaging in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.

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Foam Inserts
Wood Containers
Packing Materials

As a short-run specialist, we can meet your needs quickly and since we produce our own polyethylene foam cutting and contour dies in-house, we can rapidly turn around your requirements.   If needed, we also possess CNC capabilities for more complicated packaging and case inserts. Having a fully equipped corrugated box shop, we can make your custom outer packaging per ASTM D 5118 and inserts as needed.

We can build to your drawings or custom design bracing, pallets and skids out of wood, corrugated and foam. As an example, we regularly manufacture mil-C-104 and mil-C-26195 closed and open crates for products ranging in weight from 5,000 to 15,000 pounds to withstand the most severe shipping conditions.

We've served commercial, industrial, and utility customers with the most stringent industry specs and our wood shop fabricates both lumber and wood crates, commercial and mil-spec, for industries as diverse as aerospace and medical devices.

Packaging designed and fabricated by Tech-Pac provides maximum protection for your product, thus eliminating costly damage claims.  Whatever your need, Contact Tech-Pac for a Free Quote!